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We all know how frustrating blunt knives Stirling are to use. Cutting and chopping can become quite an effort and, because increased pressure is required, potentially more dangerous.

Bobs locks precision tormek wet stone grinder will grind your old blunt knives back to their former glory often to a far superior finish than your knifes were new, and after honing on the leather wheel will leave you with a mirror finish blade that will be razor sharp.

Chefs Knife Sharpening Stirling

Whether it be an expensive chef's knife that needs sharpened or your domestic set from home. Bobs locks has the sharpening answer in Stirling. Work smart not long and get the best from your knifes in Stirling at all times not just when their new.


The knife edge will be the same angle right across the blade, depending on how Sharpe you require the knife we can adjust the angle to suit your needs 25 degrees both sides would give you
more longevity in the knifes sharpens life.
Were as a finer angle of 13 degrees both sides would give you a sharper edge but would not last as long. As with all things it depends on what kind of use your knifes are subjected too.


Don't let your Knifes go Blunt in Stirlingshire

Fear not if you have a rough blunt un shapely edge. as Bobs locks knife sharpening service will be able to reshape your knifes in Stirling and creates a razor sharp edge to give you that wow factor once more. a blunt knife is an unsafe knife.

Knife Sharpening Stirling

Give Bobs Locks a call 01786 470 740 today to book your knifes were there's never a dull Moment

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