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Have your Knifes gone Blunt?

Do you no longer have that razor sharp professional finish?

Well Fear not as Bobs Locks can help. Did you know that you are putting yourself in danger whilst using blunt instruments!!! The blunter the knife the more force has to be exserted on the blade to perform even some of the simplest cutting tasks.

Here at bobs locks Stirling we have the latest wet stone sharpening system that can get your Knifes chisels scissors in Stirling and much more up to the professional finish of a chef's knife. All is not lost and there's no need to bin blunt instruments any more pop in to our store

Sharpening Services Stirling

Bobs locks
17 Upper Craigs Stirling.
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With our tormek wet stone sharpening machine in Stirling we are able to create the perfect edge at exactly the right angle every time. There no hollow grinds rough edges or imperfections just a guaranteed razor sharp edge every time.

Whether it's your kitchen utensils that need sharpened in Stirling or your tools of the trade for hairdresser s scissors Stirling or your joiners chisels that have had the misfortune to go blunt or have blemishes

Bobs locks can professionally sharpen them all to even better than new. This will inevitably give you more time on the job and shorten the time it takes s to cut chop or slice. Giving you that razor sharp cut every time.

Sharpening Services Stirling

Scissor sharpening to the professional standard in Stirling

Chisel sharpening in Stirling

Knife sharpening In Stirling

In fact if its blunt bring it down to us and we will be only too happy to help


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