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By doing or not doing a few simple things, you can keep your knife sharp for a long time. Following these few simple tips will keep you knife in top condition.


Avoid the edge of the knife from coming in contact with things that can dull and chip the edge. There are a multitude of holders on the market. Buy one that keeps the knives in separate compartments with the cutting edges protected.


The knife may be able to stand up to dishwater temperatures and detergents, but it can’t stand up to being knocked around by the water jets. This will cause them to bump into other utensils which could dull or chip the edge. Kitchen knives should be hand washed and dried immediately to prevent rusting. Remember, stainless is only rust resistant not rust proof.



Select the correct knife for the job. Most knives are manufactured with a specific purpose in mind and are designed for that purpose.
Thin blades are generally for fine delicate cutting and the heavy thick blades for the less critical tougher cuts. Using a thin blade to make the tougher cuts will quickly dull the blade.


a surface that can be cut into.
A hard cutting surface will quickly dull the edge. Glass, porcelain and metal are some of the worst surfaces to use. Stick with wood or plastic that can be cut into.


knives get dull. How long before your knife gets dull depends on how you use it and care for it. A good steel or ceramic hone will extend the life of the cutting edge. It does not sharpen the blade; it only re-aligns the edge. Honing should be done just before use or at least on a regular basis to prevent the edge from getting too far out of alignment.


The sharpener that you use and how it is used can make a big difference on the end results. An electric sharpener can do a lot of damage very quickly and doesn’t allow one to control the type of edge that is being grinded. If you want to sharpen your own knives, get a good set of sharpening stones and work slowly. With a little practice, a simple V-edge bevel edge should be obtainable.


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