1 Pint Crystal Engraved Glass Tankard


Have a drink in style with the 1 Pint Crystal Engraved Glass Tankard. This gift is a classy item for any occasion. Add your personalised message to this beautiful 1 Pint Crystal Engraved Glass Tankard for that extra awe factor. Having the option of engraving on your gift helps it stand out from all the others.

This gift can be supplied in a beautiful deep blue silk-lined box for that bonus high end value look. Gift the 1 Pint Crystal Engraved Glass Tankard to a friend, relative, or significant other. These glasses are often given as a celebration gift for that aspiring beer connoisseur or to celebrate a wedding. Having a message or image engraved onto the flat panel provided is a wonderful thoughtful addition.

• A Crystal Engraved Glass Tankard is an ideal gift for that someone special.
• Have your logo or text professionally engraved on your crystal glass tankard.
•The 1 Pint Crystal Engraved Glass Tankard can be supplied in an elegant silk lined presentation box.

Lead glass replaces the calcium content of typical potash glass. Modern lead crystal contains a minimum of 24% PbO. Lead glass is desirable owing to its decorative properties. Beautiful in a showcase to show off to friends. Get a message engraved for that loved one.

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1 Pint Crystal Engraved Glass Tankard

This Crystal Engraved Glass Tankard shouts class and elegance. The lead content also provides a much higher index of light refraction than normal glass, and consequently much greater “sparkle.”  This piece has a brilliant, silvery appearance and a ringing clink, compared to the lesser quality of ordinary glass.

tankard is a form of drinkware consisting of a large, roughly cylindrical, drinking cup with a single handle. Tankards are usually made of silver or pewter but can be made of other materials, for example, wood, ceramic, glass or leather. A tankard may have a hinged lid, and tankards featuring glass bottoms are also fairly common. Tankards are shaped and used similarly to beer steins.

Bob’s Locks master engravers give you the choice to scribe a logo or personal message onto the panel of this Crystal Glass Tankard. This personal touch turns the Engraved Crystal Tankard Glass into a premium individualistic gift for that someone special.


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