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ASEC Advanced Electrical Lockout Tagout Kit


This ready-made Advanced Electrical kit from Asec is designed to contain all the basic items required for the most common uses in the industry. The kit is supplied in a convenient and clearly labelled carry case, making it easily identifiable and transportable.

Kit Contents:

1x Lockout Shell Case/Pouch
1 x Lockout Shell Pouch
2 x Red Safety Padlocks (KD)
1 x Non-Conductive – 6 holes
1 x Pneumatic Lockout
1 x MCB Pin Out Standard
1 x MCB Pin In Standard
1 x MCB Pin Out Wide
1 x MCB Lockout Tie bar
1 x Universal Fuse Circuit Breaker
1 x Universal Extra Large MCB
1 x Universal Circuit Breaker
1 x Pk (10) of ‘Do Not Operate’ Tags
1 x Universal MCB Lockout
1 x Ultra-fine Permanent Pen


  • Supplied in a convenient carry case
  • 15 piece kit
  • Ideal kit for workers to keep in their van or to hand in the workplace
  • Advanced selection of components required for lockout tagout applications

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  • Weight: 900g
  • Finish: Red
  • Packaging: Boxed
  • Manufacturer Reference: AS11509