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ASEC Maintenance Electrical Lockout Tagout Kit


This ready-made Maintenance Electrical kit from Asec is designed to contain all the basic items required for the most common uses in the industry. The kit is supplied in a convenient and clearly labelled carry case, making it easily identifiable and transportable.

Kit Contents:

1x Lockout Shell Case/Pouch
2x Red safety lockout padlocks (KD)
2x Single Tag with Eyelet – (Double Sided)
1x MCB (mini circuit breaker) Lockout Pin Out Standard
1x MCB Lockout Pin In Standard
1x MCB Lockout Pin Out Wide
1x Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout
1x Aluminium MCB Lockout Toggle
1x Multi-purpose Cable Lockout 2.5m<
1x Non-Conductive Lockout Hasp
1x Ultra-fine permanent pen


  • Supplied in a convenient carry case
  • 13 piece kit
  • Ideal kit for workers to keep in their van or to hand in the workplace
  • Contains the components required for lockout tagout applications

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  • Weight: 700g
  • Finish: Red
  • Packaging: Boxed
  • Manufacturer Reference: AS11508