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BULLDOG Chereau Box Container Lock


The CT550 and CT600 are 10 pin container door locks designed for use on Chereau Box Containers and they are easy to install and move from container to container. It is available in 2 styles; the CT550 is for use on Chereau Box Containers produced before June 2009, and the CT600 is for use on all those produced after June 2009. These locks use the Bulldog attack resistant 10 pin plunge lock which can be locked without the use of a key, although 2 keys are supplied. With 6mm thick case hardened steel arms, the enclosed outer sleeves slide over the door handles and the two halves are locked centrally.


  • Supplied with the Bulldog 10 Pin Plunge Lock which can be locked without use of a key
  • Attack resistant locking
  • Easily moved from trailer to trailer
  • Case hardened steel arms
  • Additional holes in lock arms for attachment of security seals
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  • Weight: 6Kg
  • Keys Supplied: 2
  • Length: 825mm
  • Mechanism: 10 Pin
  • Pack Quantity: 1
  • Packaging: Boxed
  • Manufacturer Reference: CT600