Champagne Plain Glass Tumbler


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Champagne Plain Glass Tumbler

This Champagne Plain Glass Tumbler is the perfect gift for your loved ones. Great for special occasions such as weddings or landmark birthdays. We offer an engraving service for this type of product. Get a meaningful message engraved on to the champagne plain glass tumbler to create a memorable gift!

The champagne flute is a stem glass with a tall, narrow bowl, generally holding about 6 to 10 US fl oz of liquid.

The champagne flute was developed along with other wine stemware in the early 1700s as the preferred drinking vessel for wine shifted from metal and ceramic to glassware. Initially, the flute was tall, conical, and slender.By the 20th century, however, the shape preferred by glassware purchasers had changed from a straight-sided glass to one which curved inward slightly near the lip.

While most commonly used for sparkling wines, flutes are also used for certain beers, especially fruit beers and Belgian lambics and guesses. The flute shows off the beer’s color, and helps gather the aroma for the nose. The champagne flute is distinguished from the pilsner glass, which lacks a stem.


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