Colourful Acrylic Personalised Name Sign


Personalise any bedroom wall, nursery, children’s bedroom door, workspace, craft area with one of Bob’s Locks Personalised Colourful Acrylic Personalised Name Signs. These name signs are the ideal gift for an area of your home you want to add a personalised touch to. Why not encourage your child to do their homework or arts and crafts by setting up their very own ‘learning station’ marked with their own name. We offer a huge range of fun colours to suit everyone:

  • Bubblegum Blue
  • Orange Fizz
  • Sour Grape
  • Rose Gold Mirror
  • Gold Mirror
  • Jet Black
  • Spearmint Green
  • Ripple Red
  • Lemon BonBon
  • Raspberry Sherbert
  • Green Mirror
  • Red Mirror
  • Blue Mirror
  • Silver Mirror
  • Pink Mirror
  • Dark Grey Mirror

They also come in 3 different sizes allowing you to place them virtually anywhere in the home to fit your planned use.

  • Small (200mm W x 110mm H)
  • Medium (290mm W x 150mm H)
  • Large (380mm W x 200mm H)

*Please note the height of your sign will change depending on the name or word you order, we do our best to keep it within the dimensions listed above while also creating an amazing looking finished product.*

Once you receive your Colourful Acrylic Personalised Name Sign simply remove the protective film over the premium acrylic which is applied during the cutting process to protect it and fit any wall, door, bed frame, etc using our handy double-sided adhesive pads. Blue Tac also makes a great alternative however this can lead to the stripping of paint after a period of time.

Our lively range of beautiful pastel & mirrored colours pop against any background bringing a playful feel to an otherwise dull surface. These Colourful Acrylic Personalised Name Signs are perfectly suited for a child’s bed frame or on a crib in a nursery.

For many more personalised products like the Colourful Acrylic Personalised Name Sign, browse our online shop for the best and most cost-effective personalised products.


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Colourful Acrylic Personalised Name Sign

The use of different names varies hugely amongst different countries and cultures around the world. Every culture or country puts a different spin or emphasis on the use of names within their culture.

The most popular baby names in Scotland in 2019 have been revealed – and Jack and Olivia are once again at the top spot, according to official statistics. A total of 449 boys were called Jack in 2019, which has been number one for an impressive 12 years running, while 394 girls named Olivia made it the lead for the fourth year in a row. Other names that made the list were Oliver and James while Emily and Isla made the top three for girls registered in December.

The name James continues to be popular and is the only name to have been in the top ten every year from 1974 when National Records of Scotland (NRS) began. Meanwhile, the most popular names for the decade have been Jack, James, Lewis, Sophie, Emily and Olivia.

This differs vastly from other places in Europe such as Slovakia. In Slovakia, each day of the year corresponds to a personal name (the original list was the Roman Catholic calendar of saints). People celebrate their name days (Slovak: meniny) on the date corresponding to their own given names. In some middle eastern regions, a huge emphasis is put on religion when it comes to naming a child. Muhammad is deemed by many to be the most popular name in the world due to its many different spelling variations.

Whatever the name may be or for whatever reason, you can have your very own Colourful Acrylic Personalised Name Sign supplied by Bob’s Locks within 3-5 days of order!


Bubblegum Blue, Sour Grape, Lemon Bonbon, Raspberry Sherbert, Orange Fizz, Spearmint Green, Ripple Red, Jet Black, Gold Mirror, Rose Gold Mirror, Green Mirror, Pink Mirror, Red Mirror, Purple Mirror, Dark Grey Mirror, Blue Mirror, Silver Mirror

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