EVVA EPS L111 Cylinder To Suit Banham Rim Locks


The EPS mechanical locking system (Extended Profile System) is a very economical solution for a cylinder system offering convenience, manageability and a high level of security. The system contains a wide variety of locking elements covering virtually any application and offers legal and technical key protection mechanisms to ensure a high degree of protection against key copying.


  • Patented & registered system
  • Wear & drill resistant
  • For EI30 and E30 fire and smoke doors approved to EN 1634-1
  • Complies with lock security grade 6 as specified in EN 1303:2005 (highest grade)
  • Complies with attack resistance grade 2 as specified in EN 1303:2005 (highest grade)
  • When a key is inserted on one side, the door may not be locked from the other side with another key
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  • Weight: 360g
  • Finish: Nickel Plated
  • Handed: Left Hand
  • Keyed: Keyed To Differ
  • Mechanism: 6 Pin
  • Manufacturer Reference: EPS L111


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