Oak Personalised Family Key Holder


It can be hard to keep track of your house keys at the best of times, where they are, who owns which set! So why not hang your keys in a stylish, practical, and personalised fashion with your very own Oak Personalised Family Key Holder. There will be no more fighting over who owns which set of keys as the Oak Personalised Family Key Holder comes with individual personalised person-shaped keyrings that can be fully customised to show the owner’s name.

  • Premium 4mm oak finished wood.
  • Laser cut for a clean, high-quality finish.
  • Engrave a message or family name onto the roof of your Oak Personalised Family Key Holder.
  • Engrave a name or nickname onto each oak keyring ina stylish script font.
  • Personalise your keyring with the addition or removal of a laser cut heart.
  • Up to 4 family members and 7 different format combinations to choose from.
  • Option of 2.5mm pre-drilled holes for easy fixing to the wall.
  • 21.5cm W x 15.5cm H

The Oak Personalised Family Key Holder can be attached to the wall using screws or adhesive pads depending on where you would like positioned. Many families opt for the hallway just inside the front door for easy hanging as you come and go throughout the day however this can often be unsafe and leave people susceptible to burglaries. We would recommend a location further from your front door for key and home safety.

How many times have you also picked up the wrong set of keys in a hurry? You never have to wonder about the location of your keys again when you have an Oak Personalised Family Key Holder with personalised keyrings. Each keyring fits perfectly into its holder thanks to the high-quality laser cut.

Be creative and have whatever message you desire engraved onto your Oak Personalised Family Key Holder, be it a house number and name, a quote, family name etc.

Check out the other materials we can engrave right here!

This will be engraved above the keyrings - 60 characters max
Enter both names of 2 parent option selected
Enter both names of 2 children option selected
Holes are 2.5mm in diameter
2 strips supplied
Please see image section for example
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Oak Personalised Family Key Holder – Key Safety:

No matter how sophisticated the security systems that have been installed, it is likely that somewhere along the line a key is needed to get into a property. Keeping keys safe is, therefore, a vital part of home security.

If householders do not protect their keys and this leads to theft or burglary it is possible that any subsequent insurance claim could be compromised – the insurer may take the view that the policyholder contributed to the theft by their carelessness.

Once a householder walks through their front door and hears it close behind them it is easy to feel safe. The natural thing to do is to leave keys somewhere near the front door – there may even be a special bowl where they always go. However, this is exactly what burglars expect people to do.

By fishing through the letter box with a hook, keys left near the front door can easily be retrieved and stolen. Leaving keys in the lock is inadvisable for similar reasons. This is particularly risky if the front door has a glass panel either in it or near it: the glass can easily be broken and a burglar can reach in and grab the keys.

When picking a location and installing your Oak Personalised Family Key Holder, be mindful of these points and hang it somewhere convenient for you however inconvenient for those who shouldn’t be getting into the property!

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