Stunning Personalised Engraved Cigar Cutter


A Personalised Engraved Cigar Cutter is the perfect gift for any cigar lover. Make your gift more unique with a personalised name, date or message embedded onto the face of your Personalised Engraved Cigar Cutter. This personalised engraved gift is a rare find for the cigar connoisseur in your life, serving a useful purpose whilst looking sleek and unique.

  • Add any name, date or message to this  Personalised Engraved Cigar Cutter.
  • Design the ideal wedding day or father’s day gift.
  • This  Personalised Engraved cigar cutter can be supplied with a silk lined presentation box for that extra premium touch.

Personalised gifts are one of the best gifts a family member, relative, or partner can receive and tend to be cherished for years to come.

Don’t ruin a fine cigar by cutting them with an inferior product. Get your personalised engraved cigar cutter today, an ideal gift for a wedding day (groom, best man, bride, maid of honour), father’s day, birthdays, and Christmas. Allow our master engravers at Bob’s Locks, Stirling to personalise your cigar cutter exactly how you imagined with a fast, affordable and professional service.

Find this gift along with many, many more online here at Bob’s Locks.

Personalised Name, Date or Message

See Silk Lined Gift Box in Image Section
Tell us if you have any specific engraving requirements - Optional
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Stunning Personalised Engraved Cigar Cutter: Cutting that Cuban

Cuba’s production of cigars can be compared to Napa Valley’s wine culture; it’s taken extremely serious and also draws in tourists from all over the world. Cuban cigars are generally made just like any other cigar. Tobacco plants are planted late in the year and grown for three months before farmers pick them, leaf by leaf. Next, the fresh leaves are taken to the drying room where the leaves are hung to dry in a process of curing, which can take up to three months. Once the leaves are cured, the cigar is ready to be rolled. How each cigar is rolled can influence the quality of the cigar so it’s imperative that the cigar is rolled with all the leaves wrapped in the same direction, leaving a smooth and shiny wrapping. Rolling a perfect cigar is a skill and takes years to master.

Making the Perfect Cut:

The goal in making this cut is to create a smooth opening without compromising the integrity of the cigar. You want to cut enough off for a smooth draw, but not so much that you cut into the main wrapper and risk it unraveling. You need to also cut quickly so that the break is clean and not frayed; you’ll always get some little flecks of wrapper in your mouth, but much fewer with a clean cut.

  1. Locate the cap.
  2.  Position the blades right on the cigar, just inside the end of the cap. (You want to position the blades a couple of millimeters in from the end of the cap).
  3. Make a quick cut — no lollygagging.
  4. Light up your cigar, Smoke and enjoy!


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