White Personalised Engraved Enamel Mug – Durable Tin Cup


Adventure is calling, do you have your Personalised Engraved Enamel Mug at the ready?

Have a Personalised Engraved Enamel Mug – Tin Cup custom made to order to suit your gift-giving needs!

These high-quality, premium tin mugs can fully customised to meet your needs! Engraved a partners name, a special quote, a unique message, and even a black & white image/logo!
Versatile, the Personalised Engraved Enamel Mug is suited to both your sitting room coffee table or in your hand on a hillside surrounded by nature.

  • Engrave any message or logo/image onto your Personalised Engraved Enamel Mug.
  • Tried and tested around the Munros of Scotland!
  • The perfect gift for any adventurer in your life.
  • Warm your hands by the campfire in a fun and personal fashion.
  • Message/Logo is engraved into the paint itself so there is no fear of your design washing/peeling off!

Custom orders can also be created if you want something designed very specifically, you give me the idea and we can do the rest!!

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White Personalised Engraved Enamel Mug – Durable Tin Cup – Origins and adaption:

Enamel Mugs/Tin Cups have their wide use adaption during the great war by troops all over the globe. These mugs were widely issued to troops all over the Empire and could hold one pint of fluid. Original ‘War Time’ enamel mugs will have specific markings/stamps on the bast of the cup itself.

These enamel cups were a standard issue in most foot soldiers’ mess kits.

From the war to warming your hands by the fireside, the cups were soon adapted to be found inside a camp bag rather than a mess kit. A Personalised Engraved Enamel Mug is now an amazing and thoughtful gift to give or receive if you love the outdoors!

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