Personalised Engraved Slate Home Sweet Home Sign


Make a house a home with your very own Personalised Engraved Slate Home Sweet Home Sign!

You can add your family name, the name of a couple for a new home gift, your address/area, or something completely bespoke. Use your imagination to come up with any idea/message and we will look after the rest!

The ‘Home Sweet Home’ Design remains the same while the bottom half (family name) is customisable.

  •  30cm L x 20cm W
  • 100% Natural Slate
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration
  • Co2 lasered to the highest quality finish
  • Comes with a thick rope for hanging securely

As the old saying goes ‘Home is where the heart is’ and with this in mind, Bob’s Locks, Stirling has made a custom designed Home Sweet Home Slate wall hanging that you can personalise however you like.

This beautiful Personalised Engraved Slate Home Sweet Home Sign is a one of a kind and will look great hanging in your doorway, hallway, patio, porch, kitchen etc.

With the option to completely customise your order, make it a wall hanging that is special and unique to your home! This is the perfect gift for a proud homeowner that wants to mark their territory with a sign that is truly unique to them and their home.

The natural slate and thick beige rope supplied with the sign gives a really rustic and authentic feel.

A Personalised Engraved Slate Home Sweet Home Sign is a gift built to last and can move from home to home with its owners, taking a little piece of the memories with them.

Our complete slate range is customised on our state of the art C02 Gravograph laser machine to ensure the highest quality finish every single time. The Personalised Engraved Slate Home Sweet Home Sign is no exception. Check out all of Bob’s Locks engraving techniques here.


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Personalised Engraved Slate Home Sweet Home Sign – The Rustic Look:

The term rustic is pretty broad, but many different design styles can actually fall into it. In the most basic definition, rustic describes a design that’s natural, rough, aged, and casual, so there are many styles—each drastically different from the other—that can be rustic.

Some include Tuscan, coastal, cottage, or what you might traditionally think of as rustic—lodge.

One of the defining characteristics of a rustic home, whether it’s cottage or coastal, is the use of natural materials. That means lots of wood and stone (both in furniture and on ceilings/walls), and fabrics like burlap and canvas.

Our Personalised Engraved Slate Home Sweet Home Sign follows the theme of ‘rustic’ with its wild, untamed natural slate and aged feel.

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