11oz Large Personalised Engraved Wine Glass


Design the perfect gift with this Large Personalised Engraved Wine Glass from Bob’s Locks Stirling. Add a personalised message or logo and make your gift stand out from the rest.

  • Add a personalised touch to the perfect gift.
  • Any logo or message can be engraved on this large wine glass.
  • Create a uniquely memorable gift for that special person.
  • This wine glass can be supplied with a silk lined presentation box for that premium feel.

This 11oz Large Personalised Engraved Wine Glass is a gift that any wine lover in your life would enjoy!

What do you get when you combine high-quality glass, a dedicated design team, and your unique ideas? The perfect Personalised Engraved Wine Glass! This slender glass is made to bring out both strong and subtle tastes for Rosé, Red or White wine – whatever you prefer! The larger surface area of the glass allows the wine to ‘breathe’, enhancing the flavours and tones.

Expertly designed, this monogrammed glass will let you unwind after a hard day’s work in style! Or enjoy a glass of red in your Personalised Engraved Wine Glass with a nice meal. Create a beautiful memorable gift, a perfect piece to showcase to friends and family. This is the perfect gift for the person who has everything. A unique and stunning way to show your love for that special person.

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11oz Large Personalised Engraved Wine Glass

We stock Wine Glasses, Tall Glass Tumblers, Short Glass Tumblers, Gin Glasses, Pint Glasses, and many, many more. If you are looking for a personalised glass gift for a Wedding Day, Anniversary, Family Gift, Birthday, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc then look no further! Bob’s Locks Stirling has a huge range of table glassware for you to fully customise and personalise.

All of these items can be personalised to meet your needs. You can add any text with the choice of 9 fonts for a simple unique gift. Alternatively, you can add any logo to your item such as a football crest, favourite brand, favourite tv character, or anything that is close to your heart.  We also get the odd gag gift or two!

Allowing wine to ‘Breathe’:

When air and wine interact, two important processes occur evaporation and oxidation. Allowing these processes to occur can improve the quality of the wine by changing its chemistry.



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