Personalised Family Christmas Bauble Stocking Decoration


Add a personalised touch to your Christmas tree this festive season with a Personalised Family Christmas Bauble Stocking Decoration.

– Up to 12 family members available per Personalised Family Christmas Bauble Stocking Decoration.
– Laser-cut from high quality Oak veneered wood and varnished in Tongue Oil.
– Add a paw print to any stocking to include your furry family member.
– Choice of 3 colours for your ribbon – Please see the image section.

Examples for Personalisation:

Fireplace: Merry Christmas
Names: Judy, Michael, John, Lucy (Paw).

Fireplace: Our First Christmas
Names: Lauren, Steve.

Fireplace: Jackson Family
Names: Louie, Sarah, Dannielle, Ralph, Juno.

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Personalised Family Christmas Bauble Stocking Decoration – History of the tradition:


The origin of the Christmas stocking involves a folkloric tale of a kindly Saint Nicholas and a despondent family. This folklore tells the story of a nobleman whose wife had died, leaving him penniless and the sole parent to their three daughters. Left with no money for a dowry (which was an integral part of finding advantageous marriage suitors at the time), the nobleman was concerned for his children’s opportunity to marry well. Without a sizable dowry, no one of equal wealth and status would be interested in coupling with them, and with nothing to inherit, they would be left destitute. Hearing of this father’s dilemma, Saint Nicholas came to their family home and filled the girls’ stockings, which were hanging above the fireplace to dry, with solid gold spheres so that they would be able to marry after all. Versions of this quaint tale have been circulating for decades, each featuring their own twist, but regardless of the specificities, this story has continued to fuel Christmas decorating for hundreds of years.

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Stocking Quantity

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Ribbon Colour

Red Checked, White Checked, Brown Tweed