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PRIKKA-STRIP Spiked Deterrent Strip


Prikka-Strip is a triple row of pointed cones, moulded from polypropylene with excellent UV weathering resistance. The points are staggered for maximum effect. Each strip is 500mm long, 45mm wide and 15mm high which delivers maximum deterrent but minimum harm. The unique double-hinge design allows it to be formed neatly on fence tops, pipes and other irregular surfaces.


  • Many consumers report that Prikka-Strip is an effective & harmless deterrent against cats
  • Prikka-Strip’s unique hinged base design gives it versatility in use; try it on fence tops, gates, pipes & walls
  • Property owners must satisfy themselves that no harm will be caused by these products & should display a warning notice
  • Designed to deliver maximum discomfort, but minimum harm
  • Fit side by side to increase effective width on walls, ledges and sills
  • Made from polypropylene in a range of colours, Prikka-Strip is weatherproof and durable, re-usable and recyclable.

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  • Weight: 620g
  • Pack Quantity: 8 strips per pack
  • Packaging: Carded
  • Manufacturer Reference: 451004