SAFEWARE 8 Lever Operated Latch & Hookbolt Twin Spindle – 2 Hook 2 Bolt


The Safeware 8 is a lever operated multipoint lock system with a 35mm backset, 92/62 centres, a 16mm wide faceplate, 2 hooks and 2 bolts. It can be operated by lifting the lever to engage the locking mechanisms and turning the cylinder fully, thus locking the unit. One full turn of the key followed by a downward push of the lever will unlock the system when locked. This lock features a euro profile lock case, twin spindle and reversible handing for extra convenience.


  • 16mm Faceplate
  • Euro profile lock case
  • 2 hooks 2 bolts
  • Twin spindle
  • Reversible handing

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  • Backset: 35mm
  • Case Height: 254mm
  • Case Width: 47mm
  • Centre Case: Latch & Hookbolt
  • Centres: 92mm & 62mm
  • Weight: 2.1Kg
  • Face Plate Width: 16mm
  • Locking Point Dead Bolt: 2
  • Locking Point Hooks: 2
  • Spindle: Twin
  • Manufacturer Reference: 9770B