Dazzling Wooden Family Personalised Chopping Board


Every family home has that chopping board that gets used day in and day out. Why not make this everyday item a lot more meaningful with a Dazzling Wooden Family Personalised Chopping Board from Bob’s Locks, Stirling.

This beautiful beechwood chopping board can be fully customised to have every member of your wholesome family displayed in a neat, wood-burned fashion. We give you the option to add parents, teenagers, children, babies and even a beloved family cat or dog to the Family Personalised Chopping Board!

  • Have your whole family displayed neatly on the Personalised Chopping Board.
  • A selection of all family member ranges available.
  • Engrave each family member’s name below their character.
  • 24cm W x 15 cm H.
  • Solid Round-Edge Beech Wood Cutting Board.
  • Expertly wood burned to the highest quality finish.

This Beech Wooden Family Personalised Chopping Board is the perfect gift for your parents or spouse. It also makes an excellent housewarming gift to give someone entering a new chapter in their life. Surprise the chef of your household with a personalised gift they will cherish for every chop to come.

Whether it’s your parents or siblings that spend most of their time cutting bread, chopping vegetables or buttering toast, the Dazzling Wooden Family Personalised Chopping Board will make the process that bit more worthwhile!

Here at Bob’s Locks, Stirling, we encourage imagination. You can have any message/title you can think of engraved above your family characters. Or why not have your family nicknames engraved under your family characters? With the Wooden Family Personalised Chopping Board, the only limit is your imagination.

This Wooden Family Personalised Chopping Board is ‘more than just a pretty face’ type of gift. There are some real benefits to having one in your home. Here are just a number of the many benefits:

  1. Durable and Reliable – Wood, especially butcher block, is known to be able to withstand heavy daily use. With proper attention and maintenance, wood can last for years.
  2. Easy to Maintain – Compared to other materials, such as plastic cutting boards, wood is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Because of this, wood cutting boards do not easily contaminate or harbor harmful bacteria.
  3.  Customisation – No matter your design preference or cooking style, we can create the perfect cutting board for you.
  4. Add Personality Kitchen’s Style – Not only are wood cutting boards functional, but they are also aesthetically pleasing as well. Wood adds natural warmth and beauty to any kitchen.

Check out our complete range of personalised gifts here. We have the range broken into subcategories to make your browsing that bit easier. The Dazzling Wooden Family Personalised Chopping Board is just one example of a great gift out of many, many more.


Inserted above the family characters as per image
List your family member picture from the image section and their names below
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Dazzling Wooden Family Personalised Chopping Board:

A number of similar products on the market have a transferable sticker applied with the images you want. However durable, these stickers will fade over time and are susceptible to chipping etc.

We have decided to make the Beech Family Personalised Chopping Board as premium as possible by having the images designed and burned into the chopping board using our Co2 high-grade laser to give it a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

Beechwood is another popular wood for pyrography (the art of woodburning). It is a very light-colored wood but contains dark grains that may ooze sap when being burned. Beech is more affordable than other types of hardwoods such as maple, but it is also harder to find at local retailers and online.

This makes Beechwood the ideal choice for the Dazzling Wooden Family Personalised Chopping Board. Check out all of the materials we can engrave at Bob’s Locks here.


24cm W x 15cm H, 30cm W x 20cm H

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